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“”THE GWEN & ROY RELLER STORY BY MICHAEL PATRICK KERASOTES” “Copyright (c) 2014 by Michael Patrick Kerasotes””


May 22nd 2014 Thursday Afternoon Dear World — This is a story about Gwen.  She was my favorite grandmother.  I liked her a lot. She and Roy [her third husband] used to babysit me.  I was adopted by them I thought.  Then I found out that I wasn’t.  That hurt.  Gwen and Roy told me not to be upset.  I was.  But I forgot. They explained to me everything I needed to know about me, myself, and others.  This I had forgot.  My Mother never did this for me.  My father never did this for me.  My brother never did this for me.  My other family never did this for me.  In fact, no one other than Gwen and Roy Reller ever did this for me.  Ever. I want you to know why.  No one loved me.  No one cared about me.  No one but them.  That was the way I grew up.  Unloved and uncared.  Awful isn’t it.  But don’t forget that my parents or my adopted parents were filthy rich and stingy.  My father was selfish and stingy.  My mother was just selfish.  She married my father [adopted father that is] because of his family and their money.  That’s what Gwen and Roy explained to me when I was young. I never forgot it.  I never told anyone about it.  Never. I’ll tell you why… .                 This is the reason and explanation:  Gwen or Granma Gwen made me promise not to tell.  I kept that promise till now.  So, now is the time I get to tell you all the rest of this sordid story.                 Here we go.  My family was in the Motion Picture Business.  My father was President of the Corporation.  He grew up rich.  So did his family.  So did every one in the business they said.  That was a lie.  I found out the hard way.  I met all the Presidents of the major and minor motion picture companies and corporations.  They all adored me.  Fun!  Even their families loved me.  But this love was of a different kind than the kind of love I got from Gwen and Roy.  Their love was real and true.  Motion Picture Love was Fake and False.  I adored it anyway.  It was fabulous.  To be chauffeured around in Bentleys and Royces and Rollses and Phantoms and Bugatties was extreme.  We all knew this.  To have Motion Picture Box Office Stars cater to me and my every whim was fabulous.  Fun for us both.  I was the oldest eldest son of the oldest son of the oldest living richest motion picture exhibitor in the world.  Everyone knew us.  Everyone wanted our money.  Everyone wanted to play their movies in our theatres.  We were the largest privately owned motion picture theatre company in the world and had more movie theatres than anyone up until the 2000’s.  That when we became eighth in the world.  Pity I thought.  No longer the best biggest and the number ONE.  Oh Well!  Everyone still knew me and loved me.  Everyone still wanted to be my friend and to have their movies play in my theatres.  Fun. That was then.  This is now.  I think I will stop and go take a break and finish the Gwen and Roy Reller Story after that. I’m back and it is now 3:17 P.M. I walked around and smoked my cigarette Steve Reeves Style and thought about nothing but getting a cold Coke to Drink!  Movie Language, you know, we always want a cold Coke to Drink because we are in our own private theatre waiting for the good film star to light up and blow out his smoke and pop the top off his Coke with his Lighter, Butch Style and Hot!  Reeves can do it without a lighter.  All he uses is his thumb nail.  Hot!  Baby that is too hot he says and lights up his eyes coal black and grins.  He pauses for the lights to re-hit him and grabs his Coke and pours it down his throat musclin for the shot that DeMille is About to Shoot!  Baby that’s Hot and I’m Musclin Cool for my Cigarette  and my Cold Coca-Cola!  There you go World, There you Go! Back to Gwen and Roy — They both were so very dear to me and kind.  I spent my childhood living and loving them.  The knowledge they filled me with lasted.  I still have it.  I still have it. Gwen once told me that you don’t grow up till you reach 60 years of age.  Well, I did that in Egypt.  Now, I will close. Kindest regards,

            Me Michael Patrick Kerasotes 1506 Hewitt Avenue Room 104 Everett WA 98201 US 425-422-5339 is now dead.  I have to make my new Assurance Phone Operational and my friend said she would help me with this soon.  So, just write me at my home or email me at this address:  MichaelKerasotes@GMail.Com, okay.  Thanks!” “Copyright © 2014 by Michael Patrick Kerasotes””