““July 2nd 2014 a Wednesday Afternoon at Six in the Evening My Nice Day “Copyright © 2014 by Mike Kerasotes””

““July 2nd 2014 a Wednesday Afternoon at Six in the Evening My Nice Day

dear people, today I went to the kitchen at four thirty in the morning to prepare myself some eggs.  I decided upon the heritage bacon filthy stuff with thick slices full of meats and fat.  Yum Yum Yum.  I seasoned the pan the Gwen way.  She was my grandmother and taught me to cook in a pan on the electric range in the 1950’s.  I loved her and she me.  We spent most of my childhood at her farm.  She and her third husband Roy were my only real relatives.  They loved me.  None of the other ones did.  All they did was adore me because I was perfect beautiful and rich. 

you see, my family was rich.  Didn’t you know?  I hated it.  I liked the poor.  Mother hated them.  Too much trouble and too expensive to train she said.  I disagreed.  I said to her they are not expensive, they never ask to be taken to the country club, they never invite themselves over for dinner, and, they never pop in to a party of ours without being invited.  Not like your rich friends who you try and impress with your money, your house, your kids, and your beautiful husband’s money.  There Michael I blew her off for you, honey. 

sorry every one, I digressed.  I had the seasonings, the ingredients and the time.  Besides, people, I was hungry.  So I heated the pan.  Put butter in it.  Waited till it was hot and then poured in the bacon.  I put it in piece by piece.  Slowly.  It took time.  I had it.  I then salted it.  I put in three nice brown eggs.  I covered the Martha Stewart Organics Pan with a Corning Clear Glass Lid.  I watched it cook.  Nice.  I could finally smell the bacon cooking.  Usually Tracy comes out to say What Are You Cooking?  It is so obvious!  I laugh and say bacon and eggs, Tracy.  Why do you ask?  I know you come out here just to ask me what I am cooking for the simple reason you smell it because that’s what you say after what are you cooking….. I smell bacon….. but alas and alac he did not come.  I went on and cleaned up the kitchen, the sink, the stove and the counter.  I took it home to my room.  We have a large huge kitchen with everything but a refrigerator.  The lights come on when you get to the stove.  Tracy did that.  Nice.  So there you go world, there you go. 

I had the room all to myself.  It is my home.  It and I have attenuated.  A Gwen Thing!  You attenuate to your home and it to you as if you are two separate beings.  That way you and your home become one with another.  That means that you and your home are one, not two.  That means that you two things are not separate.  Separate is bad.  A Home That Is Separate From The Owner Is A Bad Thing, World.  Bad because you two things now fight each other over ownership.  Not a good thing, people, not a good thing.  You should never have to battle over who owns your home.  Understand?

There you go World, there you go.  I ate my delicious mean and enjoyed every bite.  Once eaten, I smoked.  I went out for a walk.  It was nice.  It was cold.  It was dark.  It was empty.  I was alone on the streets where I live, Audrey — alone!  I liked it a lot, Audrey.  I miss you and wish you were here to do it with me like we did at my home in Springfield, Illinois.  Remember?  Right before you went to shoot “My Fair Lady!”

I then went to bed and had a fabulous sleep.  I now sleep unaided and well.  Thank you Dr. Greg of the Mukilteo Bartell’s!  Good Night.

Kindest regards,


Mike Kerasotes
1506 Hewitt Avenue Room 104
Everett WA USA 98201

“Copyright © 2014 by Mike Kerasotes””


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