““1st of July 2014 Tuesday Evening 7:17 P.M. @ The Library, Everett, Washington USA

Dear People —            

     Today I went exploring.  I had gone to the Hewitt & Broadway Branch of The Port of Everett the other day to ask how do you get to the Waterfront.  The nice man told me.  He said you walk down to West Marine View Drive and go North.  It is about two or three miles and it will take you two or three hours to get there.  Mind now, I am a 64 Year Old Man, and, I am old and elderly and decrepit, sonny.  Thank you so much for telling me how to get there.  I have been trying since I moved in above the Home Inspirations Building that my friend Karen owns and wanted me to have the apartment upstairs.  That was April 3, 2014.  Here it is June and now I know how to get there.  I am grateful and very appreciative.  Thank you.  Good Bye.  I left.  I didn’t go there that day.  Today I did.  I am glad that I did, People, I am glad that I did.  I walked all the way from my apartment straight there.  It took me twenty minutes.  That’s all.  Twenty minutes to walk there in the 80+ Degree Weather.  It was sunny and hot and I could smell the Sea.  Nice!  I liked it.  I walked all the way up the bridge way that they built up there for pedestrians.  The view is spectacular.  The Olympics were out in full.  You could see the Sound.  You could see Port Gardner.  You could see the ship the navy put there to protect our port.  The mayor said we are getting another the day I had coffee with him at the Senior Center.  I can’t wait to see the new ship in our Port.  What a Treat, People, what a treat!            

     I walked all the way down to the pier and then out it to the North.  I think that was another mile.  On the way out, I spoke to a lady sailor.  She had just sailed in from Deception Pass the night before.  Her ship was YAR.  7 Knots it goes she said.  SLOW!  Nice I said and I explained the remark about YAR.  Yar means smooth, she sails yar, meaning smooth.  It was from that Katherine Hepburn Movie I told her and she liked it.  She will remember to tell her husband next time.  We parted with our goodbyes and smiled and waved.  Then I saw another sailboat coming into dock.  She waved.  I waved back.  Fun.  The pier moves.  Not Fun!  It goes up and down with the Tides.  Barnacles and Mussels we thickly coated on it.  The posts were oiled and tarred.  Scary at first, then okay after you walk out on it a bit.  I liked it.  I liked the smell.  You could see those beautiful kites that sail up on the airs.  I don’t know how they are attached.  You could not see below to their boats.  Fun.  I decided not to photograph the bay.  I am saving that for another day, People.  I am saving that for another day.            

     On the way back, I walked by the patio where you can sit at the docks and grill your hamburgers or fish.  There is a Salmon Run for keeping Steelheads.  I didn’t see any.  In fact, I never did see a fish.  Darn it.  😦  Next time, I guess I will.  As I walked up the plank back up to the top, I saw that Anthony’s was there and decided to stop in for a drink.  It would be a long walk back and at my age I thought I needed a break and a rest and perhaps a nice drink.  I went in.  I told the nice ladies at the desk that I had had my 64th Birthday at their new Anthony’s Restaurant at Alderwood on March 9th earlier this year.  The Manager’s Favorite Waitress Had Given Me A Card for One Free Appetizer or Dessert.  I asked if I could use it.  They said they’d ask their Manager and they did.  She came out to meet me and I explained it all to her again.  She said it was good and okay and told me it was Berry Season at Anthony’s and I should try their Berry Cheesecake.  I told her I loved their coffee, they have the best.  She smiled.  She liked that.  She said yes.  I was going to ask if they have those wonderful Metropolitan’s like they have at the Vintage Café that I love so, but did not.  I did tell her and she agreed Coffee was the Best Choice.  I was so happy I said what I said.  She had one of the pretty little girls seat me.  She had given her my choices and my card and my name.  We introduced ourselves.  Her name was Christine.  I am of course, Mike!  Mike Kerasotes!  Got that, People?  Got that?  Good.  They did.
I was seated at Table 21.  The pretty little thing told me her favorites.  I told her I loved her choices and settled on their Berry Cheesecake and Coffee.  She took everything but my card.  She left that for the waitress.  I didn’t have long to wait.  I told the waitress what I wanted and she left.  She brought me the coffee.  4 of those brown sugars I like in it and hot it was and good.  I love their coffee.  I love their coffee.  I love their coffee.  Hot.  Good.  And Delicious! 🙂 

     I drank it down and loved it People, I drank it down quick.  It was that good!  Then the waitress came with my berries and cheesecake.  She said they made it there today and boy was it good.  She’d had a piece!  Nice.  She was Beautiful.  I introduced myself and told her my story.  She liked it.  Her name is Michelle, Beautiful and Nice Teeth, Mother, beautiful white not-capped teeth.  Nice.  I asked her if I could have some more of her coffee and noticed that the whole restaurant had stopped talking.  The Whole Place Was Silent!  Then the noises started up.  I guess when I talk and speak, every one listens.  Gads, Michael, Gads.  I must be considered a Celebrity People, Some One of Importance for That To Happen Every Time I Speak!  I tried it again when the waiter Bob came back with more Coffee.  Yep, the place stilled and became silent.  Not a noise, not a sound was to be heard.  Amazing I said to my self.  Gee, God, maybe I should write this out when I get back home.  I decided to at the library and here I am doing it.            

     Next came the waitress asking if it was good.  Silence Everywhere, People, Silence Every Where!  I said it was DELICIOUS!  She smiled and asked me if I would like more Berries.  I just looked at her and said YES!  Off she went and I kept eating the delicious Raspberry, Blueberry, and Boysenberry Cheesecake.  Then the noises came back after I said out loud to my self BOY IS THIS GOOD!  Every Table Near Me Said They Wanted The Cheesecake!  No Coffees But 5 Orders Of Cheesecakes were taken and the noises started in louder.  Now that was importance People that was importance.  That’s how you make an impression, Mother, that’s how its done!  Aren’t I Good God?  Aren’t I Good!  🙂’s            

     Michelle came back with the Bill – Coffee Only Mike, That’s All It Is!  Thank You I Smiled.  And finished eating my dessert.  I looked at the Bill and smiled.  $3.50 for the Bill!  Not bad for two hours of fun and food, not bad I said.  I asked if I could have more coffee and she said Of Course Mike and left.  Bob quickly came back and filled up my cup.  I  then told him how wonderful my experience there today was and what fun and how nice he was and Michelle was and Christine and Every One.  He thanked me and told me the cook had accepted my thank you and prepared another cake for the other people who ordered it because of little ole me.  Neat! Huh?  Neat!            

     I got up and what to my surprise Christine was at the Front Desk.  I told her how delighted I was and what a wonderful time I had had.  She invited me back for Lobster in October for $19.99.  She let me have a card with her name.  I wrote on it the waitresses name and Bob’s name and the date and of course to come back in October for Lobster!  Nice People, Nice!             Well, Little Library, People, Facebook, Etcetera, that is my little story for the day.            

     Kindest regards,            

Mike Kerasotes            
1506 Hewitt Avenue, Room 104            
Everett WA 98201 USA            
    Kerasotes.Mike on Facebook             
Michael Kerasotes on Google+.Com”                        

     “Copyright © 2014 by Me Mike Kerasotes””


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