“WRITING THE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO DREAM” “Copyright © 2014 by Mike Kerasotes””


WRITING THE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO DREAM Haettenschweiler20june2nd2014Monday636pmDEARWORLDiamatthe library HELLO DEAR WORLD: I have decided to write the book the publishing house told me to write.  I think this is important.  I have chosen a new photograph I took for the cover. It is of my star “MIKE”. You can see the rainbow of colors of this shot. BEAUTIFUL IS IT NOT? I am doing this for Michael, for the Kids, for the others, for Mother, for Mike, and for me! I am holding on to the dream, Michael I am holding on to the DREAM! FOR THOSE WHO DREAM is the title of my book and I want you to know that I wrote it with the personalities in it.  It was read aloud at Washington University by my friend Richard Leffel.  He owned the bookstore on the avenue that I liked most.  He is dead now.  He would like it if I told the story about him reading it aloud to his class at school.  He taught ENGLISH.  He read it out loud to his students for two and a half weeks.  They all cried when he read it to them.  I cried the moment he told me this people, I cried.  He said this book was the best written book he’d read by a friend.  I was moved.  I told him so.  Now RICHARD, I have told the story for you, my friend. I am going to title this work “WRITING THE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO DREAM”  !!! Kindest regards,            me MIKE KERASOTES 1506 HEWITT AVENUE ROOM 104 EVERETT WA 98201 USA 425-422-5339 MichaelKerasotes@GMail.Com

6:54 P.M. June 2, 2014 Monday Evening” “Copyright © 2014 by Mike Kerasotes””


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