““Harrington 14 Font Bold — I like it! 🙂

April 15, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon at the Historic Everett Library 354 PM PDT

Dear World — Hello!

I am writing in the back again just for me today. I want to let you know that so that you don’t think I am ignoring you. I am okay today. I went and got my check. It wasn’t much but as Cindy said The Essentials I got and I have 20 left on my food stamp card for tea and things I need. Good.

I really don’t have much to say today. I have a 1000 new muscled out friends on Google and Facebook. I like the way they look. I like the things they post. On Google they write on their pages and yours and others. You get emails from them and you can reply back to them. Nice. Facebook doesn’t do that. They just ‘Like’ your stuff and never send you notes much unless of course you write them first. Why? I would like to know. So Tell Me Dear World, Tell Me. Please Tell Me Why They Do Not Try To Write and Communicate with Me and You. Thank You. Me”



Shy from Bartell’s
other people from the past to refriend on Facebook.Com

Here dear machine of Library Back in The Back,
I have returned to write some more here —

I had three more and then they went away
I wonder if they’ll come back or did they get thrown away
By the thing called ‘The You” ?
I do not know nor wonder why because
That thing is going good bye
I write a little poetry and a little poem
I am not good at it like Mike was
He was good, Dear World, Good!

I will keep trying, keep trying on and on
and maybe someday I will be good too.

I have 15 minutes more to wait until my machine is free
I don’t have a thing to do nor write nor say
So I will just run off the top of my head
I was in my Hotel and walking to my room
When my new friend said she was changing how her Destiny worked
She said it was a mind thing and she was going to have a beautiful day
I thought that was nice and told her so today 🙂
How about that Dear World, how about that
I think my mind is going Alice I must reconsider this
I think I should do something like take a pill of yours
Do you have any you could walk through your mirror and give me
As I was reading in that book on Dissociative Identity Disorders
and in it was this phrase I threw away for now
I think I will leave it out there how about that now
Go Away You Foul Thing, Go Away You Trash
I’m going to eliminate you
You know that now for real
I’m going to exterminate you
That is my plan
You destroyed everything Michael
You destroyed everything Mike
Mother and I decided to make a plan to gut you out
And what do you know it’s working
It’s working well and fine and dear I’m tired of listening to your voices
So today I guess I will kill them off forever for what you did to Michael
Let alone to the Others
Let alone to Mike
You cannot gut me baby
You cannot make me go
You cannot win or will me out
For you are the thing that goes
Go Away you Filthy thing, Go Away you Trash
Go away before Eve and her Snake or Worm rides you out of Eden
The Babe Mike is here to cut you and worm you out you know
You cannot win you cannot win you cannot win I Know
So Eve and her troubles that began in that Garden So
are here to help me rid that place of you and all you know
I am going to cut your voices out sometime later today
I just wanted you and your bugs to know
I just wanted to let you know

So now I am done with only 5 minutes to go
to go get my online computer up and running so
I think my poetry is getting better Mike, I do think so
but it is nothing like yours and your ‘It started in the garden’ stuff
that little much I know 

Bye Bye Dear Machine, Click Click Click
I’m off of you and saving this on my 16 GB Thing
That Travel Data Drive I got for about twelve bucks
instead of that even dearer wish I still had it
Twenty Bucks!

written and posted by with kindest regards, dad,
me mike kerasotes”

“Copyright © 2014 by me mike kerasotes””


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