““today i found out about my new home….” “Copyright (c) 2014 by me or mike kerasotes””

““today i found out about my new home

today I found out about the apartment or place where i will live from now on and it is a monday afternoon about 530 pm pdt on march 31st 2014. karen who owns the place called me yesterday and told me to meet her at the shop at two pm today to go look at the place she wanted me to live in and i did. i got to go see the place where i am going to live. it is a large room in an old hotel that has been restored. it has a new bed with a mattress and a support mattress. it will need a desk for writing, a rug for the floor, sheets, blanket, pillow and cases, perhaps a cover like a quilt for the bed there that is small. then maybe i would like a curtain for the large high window. it has a venetian blind already but a curtain out of heavy cloth would look nice. the place is very old and quaint. it is a room in a hotel from 1892. there is a lobby with pianos and an organ and fish tanks. there is a weight room with gym equipment placed there by the nice manager who knows how to fix and lift them. it has nice photographs on the wall. the whole place is decorated with old fixtures and has new copper plumbing and two men’s showers and a washer. my room has hot and cold running water and a sink on a counter. it is the only room that does. the rent is 325 dollars per month and i do not have to pay electricity. that is included in the rent. there is a big kitchen that has pots and pans to use. my room has a refrigerator by frigidaire. it has a microwave and an armoire. it has a hanging wooden pantry. the new floor looks like parquet wood but is tile. i was showed around by the man who lives there and is the manager of the place. he is 63 and his name is tracy. he works out every day at the gym down the street. i like him and he me. isn’t that great. i met three of the other people who live there and how nice they are. one lady has a beautiful set room that she leaves open for us to look out at the weather. it is big there. it takes up a quarter of a block. i think there are 12 apartments in there but I do not know yet. so there you go dear world, there you go. how about that dear, how about that dear. 

i will be an everett resident now officially. i told the people at the restaurant and they like me and me living there. i got a call from sarah my new waitress friend who said she got a text saying i was moving in and she was excited and happy for me she said. cassy was pleased. she is the manager of the restaurant. karen said she wanted me to have the place. i agreed. cassy said that she likes to help people and I think that is good. how sweet, jackie how sweet. i told heather at the prospector place i liked to shop at when I first moved into the mission. she said in word that i cannot remember now but sounds like strategic and meant good or great. we knuckled each other with our paws. this is some new thing people do here that means great i guess. i am not sure i do it right or like it but I do it any ways.

well that is my news for this last day of the month. i am very pleased and proud to present it to you world. i am also pleased and proud to present it to you all, my friends. i hope you all approve and are happy for me now. the world has changed for me again this very day. things are getting different and better every day! i like it here and i must say that i never expected this. so when you remember all the troubles i’ve been through please remember my patience and my waiting for this. when you think long and hard about my life and the awful things that have happened to me, i would like you to remember this day as the day that changed the world for me and made my life a lot happier. now i am going to close out of here and put this on my facebook page, my wordpress page and my google pages. thank you all so very much.

kindest regards,


mike kerasotes
1506 hewitt avenue room 104
everett washington 98201

“Copyright © 2014 by me or mike kerasotes””


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