“”March 29th 2014 a Saturday afternoon in the library

Dear world —

Here I am in the main library Everett Washington typing on what looks like a new screen with a new OPTIPLEX 7010 DELL COMPUTER AT REF PAC #9. It seems nice. The keyboard is fast and new. I like it.

How are you dear world, how are you? I am okay. Today I met the director of the senior center. Deb is her name. She’s very nice and had her 87 year old mother with her. It was Ralphie’s 89th Birthday there today. Dee served me cake and nuts. I like Dee she’s from New Hampshire and is here visiting her daughter and her cat. She should be on stage for she can sing and act. She’s got Bette Midler’s Accent and sings Second Hand Rose quite well. She performed for me today and I loved it, dear world, I did.

I have a few things I’d like to tell you but they are already on my Facebook.com page. So, I will skip it this time and just put this up as well.



back to lower case. Font: Calibri (Body) 11 Bold [Automatic] Black

I wish I could cut and paste what I already have on my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook.com page but I cannot from here. Alas, too bad. 

So, instead I will continue for I have a computer online reserved at 5 O’Clock PM up there in the front. It is #1 this time. I don’t know what I am doing tonight except that Sarah has invited me to eat at the Café I used to like. I think I will have the Chicken Marsala that is very, very good instead of the cheeseburger that she suggested I eat today.

I was writing about the Horrors of The Everett Gospel Mission and I wish I could continue today but I am not going to. I hope they get upset with what I wrote and scold me about it and give me demerits for writing about them online. I am not supposed to mention people’s names and write about them online. They didn’t say I couldn’t write about the problems I see there at the mission. So I did. What do you think about that Dear World, what do you think about that? Let me know please, please let me know. I would like that. I would. Okay? Good 

Kindest regards,

me mike Kerasotes.Mike”
“Copyright © 2014 by me mike Kerasotes.Mike””


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