““About Michael Kerasotes
“The truth is a beautiful thing, it sets us free to learn beauty. Beauty sets the mind’s eyes in motion creating our dreams and visions of reality as we grow up nurturing love and compassion to grow in each and every one of us. Why on earth do the people of this world then believe in the opposite – that the truth hurts? I do not understand this. I do not understand. It is the lie that hurts. It is the lie. The lie that hurts because the truths are never told. Tell the truth to the world, soul, tell the truth and never lie. Ask the child who has just been hurt by his or her first lie. For the parent who lies to protect his child has taught the child to lie. Do not lie to children. Do not lie. Do not lie at all. Instead teach truth. Teach them to dream that truth, beauty, and love, do not hurt. For truth does not hurt. Truth is not a Lie. Establish Truths. Teach Beliefs. Then teach the belief that this lies within each of us and it is called trust. Trust = Love = Truth = All! It is our soul, our spirit, our heart, and our mind where we create our dreams of our hope & create our ideas of fun, life, happiness and us! Would not this then be a world where fear of being hurt – especially by the truth – no longer exists!’”
“Copyright (c) 2013 by Michael Patrick Kerasotes or just Mike”

“If you believe Mr. Disney was right when he said, ‘True Love Conquers All’ you will believe me when I say, ‘Love is better than Truth – it never Lies!’ For as a child I learned that love was unconditional & I built my beliefs upon that and those of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF!’ His words and mine still hold to this day. I’m training my mind to work more efficiently by letting my soul soar as I work to improve and create a better me!”
“Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike or Michael Patrick Kerasotes or Mike Kerasotes or Michael Kerasotes”
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