“”March 28th 2014 a Friday afternoon 2:34 pm

Dear World I write to the ‘you’ not you dear world —–

i find that i am wondering how long it is going to take me to rid myself of ‘you’
i wanted to be done with you yesterday but i tired
today i know that i might be done working on eliminating you
what happens if i don’t
what happens if i do
and then these things happened here today so let me write them down
i came to the senior center
my friend showed up and surprized me
she said that i look better and for me not to worry
she said i was doing so much better and she was pleased
that made me happy and i am glad to put that here
i may not get upstairs today and i guess that’s on my mind
i went to great lengths ‘you’ to make you understand
why i am here winning and not ‘you’
i told you that and i explained myself well
‘you’ had no plan ‘you’ left yourself without a self an i or a me
i am going to eliminate today seems good to me
because i am not going upstairs today
may make me a little sad
it may make me a little tired
but i think that comes from the fact that most of ‘you’ is gone
i looked at how long it has been to see how much i’d done
i find that it has been three weeks and i am almost finished
i meet with the director on tuesday morning
then i guess i will know when i get upstairs
by then ‘you’ won’t be here
this tired feeling is the act of eliminating ‘you’
‘you’ were in everything here killing everything michael
michael is dead and gone all because of ‘you’
i have made sure to explain all these things
i want that clear
‘you’ never dreamed of anything like me ‘you’ awful thing
mother made me not ‘you’ we had a meeting before she left
we talked in private and she gave me her memories
mike did the same ‘you’ bitchy little thing
and 3 other parts of ‘you’ left and did the same
we all knew ‘you’ had to go
didn’t ‘you’
why do you continue playing your little game
i’ve chipped and discarded your filthy routines
i’ve learned and learned how to be a man
you act like a little child having a bad tantrum
no one you talk to in voices is still alive
the people’s voices you use are all dead
it is fun, i’ve decided, being old and 64
you didn’t plan a future
you didn’t plan a day
you didn’t plan a tomorrow
so what about today?
do you think you will be here forever playing i’m a little child?
do you think you will be a god here running everything wild?
do you think you can beat me you silly old thing
you are the oldest thing left here of hatred
i am not built of that
you did not make me
neither did michael
you didn’t plan on me
let alone mother
mother gave me insights
mike gave me all the memories
why didn’t they give them to you
i will tell you
there is no where in you to put them
you were a thief
you stole michael’s memories and used them against him
you tried that with mike and mother
and they bested you with that
so take that and run and remember that you told everyone and everything this:
you leave and everything here will be well and healthy
are you well and healthy – no is the answer
so you lied and you cheated and you stole all those memories for what
so you could babble like an idiot in voices and be mad
i think you are insane maybe just pure stupid insanity
i am going to get you honey for killing michael and stealing his body and his memories and having no plan for what to do when you were here all alone – that’s true
so today i think i will be done with you
shut up and be quiet like you told everything else to do over the past year
i’m bored and tired and not wasted for my friend told me i look good and i’m doing better
she didn’t say a nice thing about you
she laughed at what i wrote in my passport book and said i did a good job
i get to meet with her on wednesday and go to her group where i will be a new member in a new home so to speak
she didn’t include you in that nor in my meeting with the director about moving upstairs next week
i don’t think you understand – i wondered about that
i don’t think you use a brain for thinking
or a mind to make it work
you use your stolen memories for junk
and that’s that
so there ‘you’ so there I tried to write this down for you and now it is done and so am i!

Dear World, I am back here and this is for you too.

Kindest regards,

me mike :)”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike mkerasotes.wordpress.com””

“”Dear WordPress.com:  this is my piece on Facebook.com and in it i write to the thing that killed our fabulous human Michael Patrick Kerasotes and everything him and then everything it in a MULTIPERSONALITY SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!  And i tell it why it is going away and/or leaving and so on and so on and so on and i thought you should know. 
Kindest regards,
me mike mkerasotes.wordpress.com”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike mkerasotes.wordpress.com””


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