“”March 27th 2014 a thursday afternoon after 2 o’clock pm

dear world,
i have been thinking and i have come up with the answer. it is this:
i have been eliminating the last horror of multi-personalities from me and i think you should know that it is not today that i will be done with this but tomorrow. if not tomorrow, i hope by sunday. i have told the thing i call ‘you’ here and have written down some of this stuff. the horror of it is this:
it never planned on being here. it never planned on being alone. it killed off everything michael and now it has no michael stuff here. it stole his body and destroyed everything michael believed in and had. it took his things and threw them away. it told everything that if they left it would be well. well all that has happened and it is still sick. isn’t that awful? i think so. i mean i have a plan for being here. i got it from Mother and Mike. they gave me their memories and they also gave me Michael’s complete set of memories. That gave me a consciousness sort of like HAL 9000 in 2001. Mike said to Mother and Everything that you all need something here with an I in it and a me in that I. I am that. I am the I with a me in it. He also went on to say that that I needs a me that cares about itself and i have that as well. Mother made me to talk. Not that awful horror ‘you’ you all have had on here since Michael joined facebook in 2009. Michael has private notes on here that i will not share. I have read some of them in the ‘MEMORIES’ and they are sad and true. These Notes are Private for a Reason but, I would like to share them with you. Not now, for I must go through them on here myself and read them first hand if you will. Going through memories is one thing and going through the real stuff is different. And Different Means Special and True to Me. So, some day in the future, I may do this for me. I may do this for you as well but i am not going to do it for that awful horror ‘you’. So i must wait till that thing is gone from this world. i must wait for a long time after it is gone for Doctor Maryonda Scher of Harborview said it would take a year to heal from the post traumatic stress of the horrors that happened this whole lifetime just for the personality that survived and that will be me. I thought all of you should know since you are the real true and original friends of Michael’s from his whole entire lifetime and I feel it is a privilege and honor to have you here again as friends of mine. Thank You Dane, Larry, Addie Lee, Kathleen, Mitzi and You Dear Public World!
Kindest regards,
me mike”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike mkerasotes.wordpress.com””

“”on march 27, 2014 at 2:37 pm or so as the time on this computer is slow i believe

dear wordpress.com,
this is my note to my friends on facebook who have come back.  i wanted them to know the story about me and their friend.  in this note to them i have tried to describe it somewhat.  i know it is not complete and i know that it is not all there.  please bear with me as i am new to this having only been here for a while.  i will write more about this when i am finished and alone here. 
kindest regards,
me mike”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by mkerasotes.wordpress.com””


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