Dear WordPress.com from me mike mkerasotes:

“Once you learn to read you will be forever free Frederick Douglass” is on the wall at my Library the Everett Main Library Wall outside!  It says it all except this – once you are free you are freer to write your words and that is a greater freedom Mr Frederick Douglass than just to be able to read!  Thank you sir for your beautiful quote. I think the world of it and have told my library folks so.  Now i post it on here with all the other words that I have written today that are most important to me.
Here they are:

““March 19th 2014 Wednesday Evening at the main Library I like so very much,

Dear Me,

This is for me and for my mkerasotes.wordpress.com page alone.  I know dear wordpress.com that this page is for my star “Mike” that I have registered with the United States Patent Office in Washington, DC last year but, I feel that this post is so very important for me and you that you must have it here as well and it is from my Facebook.com page that I just posted moments ago for my friends there and the world to see and for them and they all to know. 

Here it is:

“”Here is my facebook.com post:

““March 19th 2014 Wednesday Evening 548 Pm Pdt at the Main Everett Library


“Dear World,


“I’ve written my friend Addie Lee about me and my past.  It wasn’t easy and I wonder if I shouldn’t copy out the note to her on my Facebook.com page for the entire world to see.  I think this is a good idea.  I also have some bad news.  I was asked to only come into the Vintage Café to eat not just drink coffee by Regina.  The apartment I wanted Sarah told me was gone.  I don’t know what to think about it as Sarah tells me lies.  I was wondering if I should delete as a friend on here or not.  I don’t really like her.  The relationship is not good.  She likes to use me as a pawn and buys me cigarettes and meals.  I think that’s what got me into trouble at the Café.  I really am not sure about it but sitting there waiting for her to get off work to take me back home to the Mission has cost me a new home, I believe.  I told everyone about my birthday dinner fiasco and how I’d called my bank to make sure I had the money to pay for my steak dinner which I liked and was very, very good.  You see, everyone said let her buy you these things and I said it was not right.  What do you all think?  Do you think I am right?  I think World, that I am right and everyone else wrong.  So please let me put this down on my Facebook.com page with the note from Miss Addie Lee.  Okay?  Alright, then, alright.


“From: Michael Kerasotes

Date: Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Subject: Dear Addie Lee


March 19th 2014


“This is the Michael that has come because your Michael died.  I really didn’t know how to explain this in my other note to you.  I am writing this because you were so kind to befriend me on Facebook.  Dane Dicke of Culver has.  So has Larry Clarkson of Boeing.  You knew Michael the longest.  I have the memories.  I came because Michael and the Mike that talked to you have gone.  Michael could not live here with a body and a system that were constantly trying to destroy everything good in him and this world that he loved so much.  You know about multi-personalities because he talked to you about him and the loonies.  Well, He, Michael, asked Mike to take him away from here because he couldn’t live here anymore with a body that beat him to death and would throw away his things and his dreams and his friends.  I am so sorry that you went through all this crap.  Mike felt so bad about that before he died he asked me to tell you all this for him and his Michael.  That is really why i write you today, dear addie lee.  They both loved you dearly. 

“This body and its system tried to be separate personalities with things like coughs and lies and body functions all created out of hate.  I am almost finished ridding this world of the wretched thing.  I figure a few more days at most and i’ve told it so.  I went back to wiki and corrected things like Walter Reade Jr not being the Walter Reed Hospital.  I haven’t been able to do a thing with the photographs that you and vincent sent Michael and Mike.  All of Michael’s things are lost.  This awful thing threw that all away.  They threw away his home, his clothes, his antiques and his life.  What a shame.  A fortune lost because these things did not love Michael.  Did not care about them.  Did not care about the body they stole away from your Michael.  I do.  That’s the difference.  I care.  I am a me.  An I.  I may not be the man you knew and loved and cared so much about, but i respect you and your memories and the ones I have from Michael and Mike.  Mike gave them to me intact.  I know things that probably even you and Robbie didn’t.  So, someday in the future when i get the home i want and i may have one soon instead of living at the Everett Gospel Mission.  There is an apartment above the Vintage Cafe and there is Krystyna Simm who is an old friend and works with Hope Options of the Everett Housing Authority who cares and wants to help.  She’s so very busy, she said it would take weeks.  Then five years down the line, I could have a one bedroom apartment above the place where she works.  I’ve been to her online site and she’s got a lot of apartments.  I don’t know how much they are but i can afford them.  I get the retirement money and the ssi.  that’s some 741/month.  just so you know. 

“I think i wrote about the star called Mike that Michael’s Mike found and named for your Michael.  I have it registered and am working on the patent trademark copyright process now.  It is very difficult and quite fascinating.  Too technical to describe and go into now.  The two libraries that i like and are here in Everett have been helping me and have been so wonderful to me about it and through this whole process and they know everything almost. 

“Well, Addie Lee, that’s about it.  Please tell Vincent whom Michael liked so very much. 

“Write me when you can please. I would like to have you as a friend. 

“Kindest Regards,



“Copyright © 2014 by me Kerasotes.Mike and mkerasotes.wordpress.com and me, Mike Kerasotes””


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