““today I am writing about my imminent end

“today I am writing about my imminent end
for I know death and He knows me
this is the end of me I will die on this earth
finished with my task my job my work
I’ve longed for this day for my day to be done
now that it’s here I have few words to say
I’ll type them out on this machine in the back of the library
I’ve found it quite good to write type back here
about me and my death I write it for you so you will know my story
I’ve done a lot and lost a lot and I hated it so
and when death came at Christmas saying you won’t last another year
I’ll remind you that last April when He took away my friend
he took my friend away from me away from here
the friend who can’t hurt anymore who is dead who was dear
the friend who gave me my job and without question I accepted
I did it without pause my friend stated only truths from love and his heart
and I knew I had little time I was told it might take no longer than one year
I was told I wouldn’t make he made me understand that
that by completing my mission I’d perish in fact i would die and I am
I didn’t fear I didn’t need to I didn’t have to I didn’t hesitate
so I cut into time into space into here into now
I cut true I cut straight I cut out my battle from beginning to end
and I won although it cost me my life
I did things I’m proud of pleased with and such
I discovered a star I discovered a car I found I discovered lots and I liked it
I’m done in Audrey Hepburn, I’m done in and I’m done”

“by me Mike, Mike Kerasotes and mkerasotes.wordpress.com”

“Copyright © 2014 by mkerasotes on March 6, 2014””

“”today I am writing about my imminent end” “Copyright (c) by Me, Mike Kerasotes, mkerasotes.wordpress.com””


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