March 5, 2014 Wednesday Evening in the Main Library, Everett Washington USA
I am sitting here at the number eleven computer terminal in the back of the reference information desk. I don’t know what to say or write here. I don’t know what to say or write. It seems that this place has become a nest of bad street rats that loiter and cause this place no end of trouble. I do not like this. I do not! There isn’t anything that I can do about it. There isn’t anything I can do. I feel bad. I really, really do. That this beautiful library is just a homeless shelter like the mission where the rats come all day and night to get out of the elements and off the streets longing for a nice warm, dry place to rest. Some work on the library’s computer terminals on the internet. Some sit in the main floor’s reading area. Some stand out and bum cigarettes and money in the front. Some use it as a toilet. It was awful one day to see the pile of human waste sitting by the ashtray by the elevator where you can go to take a smoke break. One rat went inside and told them to clean it up and I was glad of that. I am friendly with the guard here. I’ve told him lots of stories and shared a lot of history with him. He’s kind and nice to me. He guards this place against thieves and bad rats. Tonight I heard two stories. One was a kid just standing out by the elevators and the smoking place. He said he didn’t do bad things. They are going to make him leave. It was awful. Then I came in and went to the bathroom and heard about a guy who was invaded by SWAT teams and is getting some 38 years in prison for murdering people somewhere. Gads! The two or three rats in the bathroom were just telling each other the story. A Spanish man and his kid were there and the rats left. I don’t know what the man said to his child but it was soft and gentle and kind. I came out to write on here and so I have. I have had one of those days where it started out okay, got a little better, was really nice and fun for a while and then very, very dreary and depressing for the rest of the entire day. It is night now. I am writing and typing fast now. I never thought I could type fast. I never did think I could. I am though. I am. Just briefly let me tell you some things that I did today and what went on in me as the day sped by. Friendship is a very hard concept for me and I think I do not understand it. What is a friend? Is it someone you just meet somewhere who seems to like you and you like them and then you both just want to be with someone because you both need this friend and that friendship and that bond? Two human beings with a need for a friend, with a need for a friendship because they are both alone and wanting one. At first I liked the idea of having a friend. Now, I do not know what to say or write here about that. It is hard when you never have had one. It is hard. I know for I have never had a friend. I had nothing but work before that. Now I have a friend. I like her. Her name is Sarah Nelson and she works at the restaurant I like so much that is nice to me and lets me sit there hour after hour drinking coffee for two bucks and a quarter tip if I have it. I get to eat good, fresh food when I have money and have cashed my checks. I like their food. I like their stuff. I loved the Liver & Onions Dinner. It even comes with desert! I’ve had their Mulligan Stew. I’ve had their cheeseburgers. I’ve had their Pink Flamingos. I’ve had their happy hour cranberry and vodkas. I’ve had their breakfast. I’ve had their fish burger with cod. I love their fries and their coffee. I like the help there a lot!  Sarah works there and that’s where we met. Now we are friends even on Facebook. I think I will close out now and go back on the bus to the mission for my shower and sleep. Tomorrow is another day, Annie and I bet it will be awful!” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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