“COPYRIGHT © 2013 BY MIKE KERASOTES””
““This is My “Mike” the way I first discovered he was a “Stellar Star System with Viable Earthlike Planets” and placed it here on Facebook.  You can see the Red Planet on Top w/Rings then, around in clockwise order, the Purple Planet w/Rings, the White Planet w/Rings, the Blue White Planet w/Rings, and Last, the Purple White Planet w/Rings.  In The Center are some of the Stars of the Stellar Star forming up from the bottom center to the right and up!  The Whole is “Mike – The Stellar Star!

I told the guy at the United States Patent Office my theory on NOVAS. It was this: I think Novas are stars that are new making other systems like nebulas, galaxies, universes, stellar star systems with viable earthlike planets and moons. My Mike’s Star is Elliptical and has rings I guess for the planets do like our Jupiter and Saturn and so will its moons, I guess, Sir. The man was impressed and congratulated me on my theories and ideas. Then he said he would send me all the papers to fill out to file for my Patent, Trademark, Copyright & Register. The United States Patent and Trademark Office said that I could do this online. I think I would prefer doing it on paper. He liked my idea and wrote it down with my other ideas and theories. So, Dear WordPress.com, I hope all this is registered copyrighted patented and trademarked for me already.” “Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes””
[ ““taken on:  “On my balcony at my apartment in HOLLY VILLAGE, 9615 Holly Drive #201, Everett, Washington USA 98204-1173” “Copyright (c) 2013 by Mike Kerasotes””]
“I, Mike Kerasotes, placed these two photographs of mine that I took of my star that I called the US PATENT OFFICE ABOUT on my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook Page July 28th, 2013.  I now live at 3711 Smith Avenue, Everett WA USA 98201 MichaelKerasotes@GMail.Com”
“Copyright © 2013 by Mike Kerasotes””
“posted on my mkerasotes.wordpress.com page today March 5th, 2013 for the United States Patent Office and all their branches including trademark, copyright, patent, and registerred offices for my discovery because they wrote me back this week regarding my patent on this star of mine that i named “Mike!”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by Mike Kerasotes [mkerasotes]””


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