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“”Dear Everett Gospel Mission People — I thought you should know this and it is important and I am putting it here for me and the people at the mission who asked me to.  If I am wrong in doing this, I apolozige to you all, Mike
“Here is my story:

““Dear World,

It is March 30th 2014 a Sunday and I am writing on the computer at the library because I have had a wonderful thing happen to me and I want to share it with you.  I had a letter from my niece.  I had a meeting with my lady who is going to help me get a place to live.  She’s even invited me to her group that she’s wanted me in for years.  Karen who has the Vintage Café is going to call me today to let me know if I get or do not get the apartment above the restaurant that I like so much.  I don’t think I will but she wants me to live there so maybe I will.  We are aiming for the first of the Month that would be April.  I have a meeting with J about moving upstairs at the Mission on Tuesday at 9:30.  So, dear world, that is exciting for me.  Another thing is the book I have been waiting for ‘Patent Searching Made Easy’ arrived today here.  Patenting is a hard process.  I am kind of tired of it but aside from that I am glad that the little book is here and in my little hands.  I told and showed it to Dave and even he was thrilled for me.  How nice.  Other wonderful things have been going on and wouldn’t you like to know that the white honeysuckle is in bloom outside the library here.  I didn’t know they had any.  I smelled it and it is lovely. 

The other thing that I wanted to write about is The Mission and the terrible things that go on there.  People are getting sick again.  They are vomiting.  I didn’t have that with my bronchitis but Rick said that’s what the hospital said he had.  I know I felt like it but then I caught mine early.  I had the flu shots.  I had the vaccines.  I went and got the pneumonia one because people had that there.  It seems that the staff doesn’t care about that.  They care about ______ and I can’t fill in that blank, dear world.  I cannot fill in that blank.  The Director Phil comes at 7:20 pm to talk to us.  He says that he wants to throw people out for not following the rules.  That’s nice.  The rules are these:  take a shower every night; don’t do drugs in the building or on the property; don’t hang out under the bridge or smoke there or in front; don’t use foul bad language.  We sleep on mats that are stored in a room with pillows.  They aren’t clean.  The pillows are dirty.  They never wash these things.  I am appalled.  I heard from George that downstairs in the storage rooms are tons of new pillows, sheets, blankets all donated from a hospital and one man in particular.  They just sit there.  I don’t know if it is true but gee whiz isn’t that awful.  Our sheets are thread bare and tied in knots prison fashion.  The blankets are so worn out that they have holes in them and do not fit the mats.  The pillow cases and sheets are worn out have holes are ripped.  Why can’t we use the clean new ones?  George did not know.  He just likes to tell me about them every night.  They open the windows in the rooms and say the fresh air helps you get over colds and things.  I think they make us sicker.  After all it was 30 degrees outside when I went up to the front desk to ask them if they could close them and the guy who was carted away for not registering the fact that he was a sex offender just laughed at me and made up a story.  He said they always leave these windows open this time of year because the fresh air is good for you.  The window had been forced open in the room that I sleep in while I went to take my shower.  So he said how dare you come up here and whine about a window – go away. So I did.  The police came and took him away a few days later and no one told us why.  Many days later I heard the story about him.  Gads.  Oh, showers, I think they think our nightly showers keep away lice crabs and other diseases and bugs.  They don’t.  Even my mother and every school I went to knows this, why don’t they here?  Next is the drugs and thieving here.  They have stolen the blankets and pillows and sheets and clothes that are given us freely and hoarded them upstairs I hear.  AWFUL ISN’T WORLD, AWFUL.  I also heard from George that upstairs where you get a bed a locker a TV lounge a washer a dryer a microwave a TV and a refrigerator that the place is filthy dirty.  He prefers to live downstairs when he has a bed and is in the program upstairs.  BACK TO DRUGS:  They shoot drugs up in the bathroom and in the dayroom.  They shoot them up outside in the front and the back and under the bridge.  IF THEY DON’T SHOOT THEM THEY SWALLOW OR SMOKE THEM.  They even go next door to the other properties we are banned from to do this.  That is where they buy sell and distribute their drugs.  I know this sounds awful and horrid but it is true.  I’ve talked to several people here and that is what happens.  The front desk people who are only in programs and are supposed to be the elite and the best of the groups are the worst of the offenders of the rules.  They are the ones who smoke out in front.  They hang around under the bridge and smoke pot and do drugs and buy them talk about them and sell them.  These are the people who are here to help us and in charge of our lives and home.  All these people are prisoners who have never gone to school past seventh grade, never grown up, steal for a living and drug for a living they know no other life nor ways.  I WANT OUT OF HERE SO BADLY THAT I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT THIS PLACE HARBORS AND HOLDS DEAR.  I DON’T LIKE IT.  SOME OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW HERE AT THE EVERETT GOSPEL MISSION TOLD ME TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT AND TO KEEP ON TAKING MY NOTES AND WRITING ABOUT IT EVERY DAY AND TO POST IT HERE ON FACEBOOK AND THE MISSION PAGE FOR EVERYONE TO READ.  OKAY WORLD, THERE IT IS.
me mike Kerasotes.Mike on Facebook and mkerasotes or mike kerasotes on”
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““About Michael Kerasotes
“The truth is a beautiful thing, it sets us free to learn beauty. Beauty sets the mind’s eyes in motion creating our dreams and visions of reality as we grow up nurturing love and compassion to grow in each and every one of us. Why on earth do the people of this world then believe in the opposite – that the truth hurts? I do not understand this. I do not understand. It is the lie that hurts. It is the lie. The lie that hurts because the truths are never told. Tell the truth to the world, soul, tell the truth and never lie. Ask the child who has just been hurt by his or her first lie. For the parent who lies to protect his child has taught the child to lie. Do not lie to children. Do not lie. Do not lie at all. Instead teach truth. Teach them to dream that truth, beauty, and love, do not hurt. For truth does not hurt. Truth is not a Lie. Establish Truths. Teach Beliefs. Then teach the belief that this lies within each of us and it is called trust. Trust = Love = Truth = All! It is our soul, our spirit, our heart, and our mind where we create our dreams of our hope & create our ideas of fun, life, happiness and us! Would not this then be a world where fear of being hurt – especially by the truth – no longer exists!’”
“Copyright (c) 2013 by Michael Patrick Kerasotes or just Mike”

“If you believe Mr. Disney was right when he said, ‘True Love Conquers All’ you will believe me when I say, ‘Love is better than Truth – it never Lies!’ For as a child I learned that love was unconditional & I built my beliefs upon that and those of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF!’ His words and mine still hold to this day. I’m training my mind to work more efficiently by letting my soul soar as I work to improve and create a better me!”
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Michael Kerasotes on YouTube
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“”March 29th 2014 a Saturday afternoon in the library

Dear world —

Here I am in the main library Everett Washington typing on what looks like a new screen with a new OPTIPLEX 7010 DELL COMPUTER AT REF PAC #9. It seems nice. The keyboard is fast and new. I like it.

How are you dear world, how are you? I am okay. Today I met the director of the senior center. Deb is her name. She’s very nice and had her 87 year old mother with her. It was Ralphie’s 89th Birthday there today. Dee served me cake and nuts. I like Dee she’s from New Hampshire and is here visiting her daughter and her cat. She should be on stage for she can sing and act. She’s got Bette Midler’s Accent and sings Second Hand Rose quite well. She performed for me today and I loved it, dear world, I did.

I have a few things I’d like to tell you but they are already on my page. So, I will skip it this time and just put this up as well.



back to lower case. Font: Calibri (Body) 11 Bold [Automatic] Black

I wish I could cut and paste what I already have on my Kerasotes.Mike page but I cannot from here. Alas, too bad. 

So, instead I will continue for I have a computer online reserved at 5 O’Clock PM up there in the front. It is #1 this time. I don’t know what I am doing tonight except that Sarah has invited me to eat at the Café I used to like. I think I will have the Chicken Marsala that is very, very good instead of the cheeseburger that she suggested I eat today.

I was writing about the Horrors of The Everett Gospel Mission and I wish I could continue today but I am not going to. I hope they get upset with what I wrote and scold me about it and give me demerits for writing about them online. I am not supposed to mention people’s names and write about them online. They didn’t say I couldn’t write about the problems I see there at the mission. So I did. What do you think about that Dear World, what do you think about that? Let me know please, please let me know. I would like that. I would. Okay? Good 

Kindest regards,

me mike Kerasotes.Mike”
“Copyright © 2014 by me mike Kerasotes.Mike””


Hubble Heritage Project’s First Anniversary. A View of HH 32

March 28th 2014 a friday afternoon


I found this on my wall on Facebook and clicked.  I put it in a new tab so i could view it better.  Then I thought I’d share it with you.  So, here it is.  I hope I copied it all and pasted it in here correctly so that you know who did it and their credits.  It is a fabulous picture Hubble.  I like it.  Mike, who preceded me, would have loved this photograph and the article.

Kindest regards,

me mike


HH 32 is an excellent example of a ‘Herbig-Haro object’, which is formed when young stars eject jets of material back into interstellar space. This object, about 1,000 light-years from Earth, is somewhat older than Hubble’s variable nebula, and the wind from the bright central star has already cleared much of the dust out of the central region, thus exposing the star to direct view.

Many young stars, like the central object in HH 32, are surrounded by disks of gas and dust that form as additional material is attracted gravitationally from the surrounding nebula.



NASA/ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)

About the Image

NASA press release
NASA caption

Id: opo9935a
Type: Observation
Release date: 7 October 1999, 18:00
Size: 843 x 843 px

About the Object

Name: HH 32
Type: • Milky Way : Star : Evolutionary Stage : Young Stellar Object
• Milky Way : Nebula : Type : Jet
• X – Stars Images/Videos
Distance: 950 light years
Constellation: Aquila

Colours & filters

Band Wavelength Telescope
673 nm Hubble Space Telescope
656 nm Hubble Space Telescope
675 nm

Hubble Space Telescope


“”March 28th 2014 a Friday afternoon 2:34 pm

Dear World I write to the ‘you’ not you dear world —–

i find that i am wondering how long it is going to take me to rid myself of ‘you’
i wanted to be done with you yesterday but i tired
today i know that i might be done working on eliminating you
what happens if i don’t
what happens if i do
and then these things happened here today so let me write them down
i came to the senior center
my friend showed up and surprized me
she said that i look better and for me not to worry
she said i was doing so much better and she was pleased
that made me happy and i am glad to put that here
i may not get upstairs today and i guess that’s on my mind
i went to great lengths ‘you’ to make you understand
why i am here winning and not ‘you’
i told you that and i explained myself well
‘you’ had no plan ‘you’ left yourself without a self an i or a me
i am going to eliminate today seems good to me
because i am not going upstairs today
may make me a little sad
it may make me a little tired
but i think that comes from the fact that most of ‘you’ is gone
i looked at how long it has been to see how much i’d done
i find that it has been three weeks and i am almost finished
i meet with the director on tuesday morning
then i guess i will know when i get upstairs
by then ‘you’ won’t be here
this tired feeling is the act of eliminating ‘you’
‘you’ were in everything here killing everything michael
michael is dead and gone all because of ‘you’
i have made sure to explain all these things
i want that clear
‘you’ never dreamed of anything like me ‘you’ awful thing
mother made me not ‘you’ we had a meeting before she left
we talked in private and she gave me her memories
mike did the same ‘you’ bitchy little thing
and 3 other parts of ‘you’ left and did the same
we all knew ‘you’ had to go
didn’t ‘you’
why do you continue playing your little game
i’ve chipped and discarded your filthy routines
i’ve learned and learned how to be a man
you act like a little child having a bad tantrum
no one you talk to in voices is still alive
the people’s voices you use are all dead
it is fun, i’ve decided, being old and 64
you didn’t plan a future
you didn’t plan a day
you didn’t plan a tomorrow
so what about today?
do you think you will be here forever playing i’m a little child?
do you think you will be a god here running everything wild?
do you think you can beat me you silly old thing
you are the oldest thing left here of hatred
i am not built of that
you did not make me
neither did michael
you didn’t plan on me
let alone mother
mother gave me insights
mike gave me all the memories
why didn’t they give them to you
i will tell you
there is no where in you to put them
you were a thief
you stole michael’s memories and used them against him
you tried that with mike and mother
and they bested you with that
so take that and run and remember that you told everyone and everything this:
you leave and everything here will be well and healthy
are you well and healthy – no is the answer
so you lied and you cheated and you stole all those memories for what
so you could babble like an idiot in voices and be mad
i think you are insane maybe just pure stupid insanity
i am going to get you honey for killing michael and stealing his body and his memories and having no plan for what to do when you were here all alone – that’s true
so today i think i will be done with you
shut up and be quiet like you told everything else to do over the past year
i’m bored and tired and not wasted for my friend told me i look good and i’m doing better
she didn’t say a nice thing about you
she laughed at what i wrote in my passport book and said i did a good job
i get to meet with her on wednesday and go to her group where i will be a new member in a new home so to speak
she didn’t include you in that nor in my meeting with the director about moving upstairs next week
i don’t think you understand – i wondered about that
i don’t think you use a brain for thinking
or a mind to make it work
you use your stolen memories for junk
and that’s that
so there ‘you’ so there I tried to write this down for you and now it is done and so am i!

Dear World, I am back here and this is for you too.

Kindest regards,

me mike :)”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike””

“”Dear  this is my piece on and in it i write to the thing that killed our fabulous human Michael Patrick Kerasotes and everything him and then everything it in a MULTIPERSONALITY SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!  And i tell it why it is going away and/or leaving and so on and so on and so on and i thought you should know. 
Kindest regards,
me mike”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike””

“”March 27th 2014 a thursday afternoon after 2 o’clock pm

dear world,
i have been thinking and i have come up with the answer. it is this:
i have been eliminating the last horror of multi-personalities from me and i think you should know that it is not today that i will be done with this but tomorrow. if not tomorrow, i hope by sunday. i have told the thing i call ‘you’ here and have written down some of this stuff. the horror of it is this:
it never planned on being here. it never planned on being alone. it killed off everything michael and now it has no michael stuff here. it stole his body and destroyed everything michael believed in and had. it took his things and threw them away. it told everything that if they left it would be well. well all that has happened and it is still sick. isn’t that awful? i think so. i mean i have a plan for being here. i got it from Mother and Mike. they gave me their memories and they also gave me Michael’s complete set of memories. That gave me a consciousness sort of like HAL 9000 in 2001. Mike said to Mother and Everything that you all need something here with an I in it and a me in that I. I am that. I am the I with a me in it. He also went on to say that that I needs a me that cares about itself and i have that as well. Mother made me to talk. Not that awful horror ‘you’ you all have had on here since Michael joined facebook in 2009. Michael has private notes on here that i will not share. I have read some of them in the ‘MEMORIES’ and they are sad and true. These Notes are Private for a Reason but, I would like to share them with you. Not now, for I must go through them on here myself and read them first hand if you will. Going through memories is one thing and going through the real stuff is different. And Different Means Special and True to Me. So, some day in the future, I may do this for me. I may do this for you as well but i am not going to do it for that awful horror ‘you’. So i must wait till that thing is gone from this world. i must wait for a long time after it is gone for Doctor Maryonda Scher of Harborview said it would take a year to heal from the post traumatic stress of the horrors that happened this whole lifetime just for the personality that survived and that will be me. I thought all of you should know since you are the real true and original friends of Michael’s from his whole entire lifetime and I feel it is a privilege and honor to have you here again as friends of mine. Thank You Dane, Larry, Addie Lee, Kathleen, Mitzi and You Dear Public World!
Kindest regards,
me mike”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by me mike””

“”on march 27, 2014 at 2:37 pm or so as the time on this computer is slow i believe

this is my note to my friends on facebook who have come back.  i wanted them to know the story about me and their friend.  in this note to them i have tried to describe it somewhat.  i know it is not complete and i know that it is not all there.  please bear with me as i am new to this having only been here for a while.  i will write more about this when i am finished and alone here. 
kindest regards,
me mike”
“Copyright (c) 2014 by””


George Kerasotes

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Gus Kerasotes in the projection room of the Strand Theatre that he built in Springfield Illinois

George Kerasotes (March 27, 1911 – March 15, 2001) was an American theatre owner and former head of Theatre Owners of America.[1] During his time with Kerasotes Theatres, he helped to bring the operation from three local theaters to 550 Midwestern theatres.[1]




George Gus Kerasotes was born in Springfield, Illinois, the son of Gus Kerasotes and Flora Staikos Kerasotes. He went to school in Springfield, Illinois. He graduated from High School and then went to Champaign, Illinois to study Law. He obtained his business law degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois.

In 1947, on December 27th, he married his wife Marjorie Marie Rourke.[1][2]

He studied at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.[3]

George Gus Kerasotes worked alongside his brothers (Nicholas, Louis and John) and his father, Gus Kerasotes, and his uncle Louis Kerasotes, in the movie theatre business, working for Kerasotes Theatres, Inc.[1][4] Then in, 1960 when his father Gus Kerasotes died, he became president of the companies. George, Marjorie, Michael and Robert were the owners of several of the companies including Kerasotes Rialto, Inc. [Please see ‘Who’s Who in America’ 1960 for all those details] GKC, Inc., GKC Theatres and GKC Beverages were owned by George, Marjorie, Michael & Robert, until Robert and Michael were bought out. [2]

Kerasotes died at the age of 89 after being diagnosed with Alzheimers.[1][2] His funeral was held at St. Anthony’s Hellenic Greek Orthodox Church, Springfield, Illinois, which he helped to build and served as a director.[3]


Along with brothers Nicholas, Louis and John Kerasotes, George Kerasotes helped build Kerasotes Theatres Inc founded in 1909 by his Greek immigrant father. Gus Kerasotes helped take Kerasotes Theatres Inc from a three-theater local operation in 1909 to a 225-theater Midwestern chain 50 years later. Kerasotes joined his father’s company after earning a business degree from the University of Illinois. He became president of the company in 1960, when his father Gus Kerasotes passed away in Springfield, Illinois.

Kerasotes organized one of the first theatre owner’s associations; they were called the United Theatre Owners of Illinois.[4] From 1959-1960 Kerasotes was the president of the Theatre Owners of America and he served as the chairman of the board there from 1960-1962 which got him listed in “Who’s Who in America” – “Who’s Who in America” lists all the corporations the family owned and where they were.[1][4] He also worked closely with the National Association of Theatre Owners during the following years.[1] Kerasotes also served on the Motion Pictures Association Code Authority.[4]

He served as president of the movie theater trade group Theatre Owners of America from 1959 to 1960 and chaired its board from 1960 to 1962, and also held several offices with its successor, the National Association of Theatre Owners. While Kerasotes’ career spanned many advances in movie technology, it also covered the changing of the theater business from a family-run industry to one controlled by large corporations.

Then in 1985, he started his own company, George Kerasotes Corp as well as GKC Theatres Inc, which took ownership of 39 theaters formerly owned by his brothers.[1][2][4] His son, Robert Anthony Kerasotes bought out the Butterfield Theaters in Michigan and the McLendon Theaters in Texas. Robert and George merged both companies in 1987, and they are now ranked in the top 100 theatre chains in the world. [5]

Kerasotes organised one of the first theatre owner’s associations; they were called the United Theatre Owners of Illinois.[4] From 1959-1960 Kerasotes was the president of the Theatre Owners of America and he served as the chairman of the board there from 1960-1962.[1][4] He also worked closely with the National Association of Theatre Owners during the following years.[1] Kerasotes also served on the Motion Pictures Association Code Authority.[4]

During his career Kerasotes was also a director of the Hellenic Golf Classic, Will Rogers Memorial Hospital and the Pioneers of America.[3]


Kerasotes won such awards as the Will Rogers Outstanding Service Award in 1981 and the Variety Golden Heart Award in 1964.[3]

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Kerasotes, George

Alternative names

Kerasotes, George Gus

Short description

American theatre owner

Date of birth

March 27, 1911

Place of birth

Springfield, Illinois

Date of death

March 15, 2001

Place of death

Springfield, Illinois

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“This is my final edit I hope for my father’s wikipedia page that Elena Salvatore and I have been working on since December 2009 when she called me up from London regarding my call to wiki re ‘LIES ABOUT ME AND MY FATHER AND MY FAMILY ON YOUR WIKI & FACEBOOK PAGES!’
She banned the Kerasotes from Facebook for it and wrote a page for me about my dad.  Robert Sunshine of The International Film Journal allowed her to use all photographs in his magazine because of me and this.  Elena was so happy that she could now have photos for all HOLLYWOOD and THE MOTION PICTURE BUSINESS because of me and my connections! 
How about that Dear WordPress and Dear World, How about that!
So I hope you enjoy this new post.
Kindest Regards,
Mike Kerasotes”
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